NFBM is one of the Premiere Registered
Social Organization which is
"Of the Blind " "For the Blind " & "Run by the Blind".
It is struggling
to strive for Equality of Opportunity for the Blind
in their Education, Training and Employment.

It has several schemes and projects in the offering by
the Federation for the upliftment of our fellow
Blind Brotheren; especially those who stay far
away within the State of Maharashtra through
our Branches, Units and Service Centres.

Office Bearers

President : Mr. M.Y. Gurav
General Secretary: Mr. V. S. Hegde
Treasurer : Mr. H. M. Bhalerao

President Emeritus: Mr. S. S. Gharapurkar, Mr. D. N. Tapkir

Vice President: Mr. P. R. Awale, Mr. R. H. Bhagat, Mr. R. B. Barad

Secretaries: Mr. R. B. Belkhede, Mr. P. A. Pandagale, Mr. R. D. Jadhav

Honorary Advisors: Mr. B. Z. Kankaria, Mr. V. D. Mehta, Ms. V. V. Gokhale

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